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Why do you need to keep your property gutters clean?

As leaves and bits of twigs drop from trees there is even more debris that can find themselves a new home in your guttering, more so this time of year than any other part of the year, so be sure to clean your guttering before it’s too late.

Leaving the gutter to collect more unwanted materials can cause damage to your property, so make sure to inspect the area and clean where needed, some minor repairs may also be needed.

There is always a lot to do this time of year around the exterior of your property so you’re prepared for winter with cleaning the guttering a priority, It’s common for leaves and other natural debris to clog the gutter, this can cause some flooding over the sides and damage to the roof structure itself.

Regular cleaning of your guttering

Your guttering’s main purpose is to transport water such as rain, from the roof away your property, unwanted debris will hinder or block this from happening this is why its vitally important to keep them clean by checking frequently and before the winter months arrive.

What damage can a block drain cause?

Other than rain water flowing over the side of the guttering and down the side of your property, blocked drains can cause longer lasting damage to the structure of your property too.

Roof damage can occur as rain water builds up on the surface of the roof and becomes stagnant as it simply has nowhere to run off too, this more than likely will lead to a leaking roof.

Water pools of dirty water collecting around the properties structure can cause and get into cracks, causing not just leaks but also mould growth, this bringing its own problems.


We’d advise regular checks to make sure the flow of rain water is being taken away from your property as it should be efficiently and effectively. If minor repairs are need to the guttering we’d suggest that these are attended to at the earliest opportunity.