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What are the benefits of a professional patio clean?

It can be a real challenge to bring your patio area up to speed with a power clean! But don’t let this put you off, our professional service will have your driveway clean and looking brand new.

So what can you expect from Power Clean UK that you can’t do yourself?

  • Some patio surfaces such as block paving can see rapid unwanted growth appear such as grass, lichen, moss, weeds and algae, this unwanted growth can be unpleasant and unsafe.


Our highly powered power cleaning system will remove the contaminated growth and the top layer of sand from between the joints of the block paving, once removed we will re-sand with kiln dried sand which will holt the growth for as long as possible from re-growing through.


  • No hard work needed by yourself! We’ll take care of everything for you, removing the most stubborn of stains. Our rotary headed machine will make light work, removing grime and other common stains.


  • No further cleaning needed, when jet washing your patio yourself, it can be quite common to cause mess elsewhere as grime can splash against fencing and walls. Our professional power clean service is highly powered but unlike home jet wash machines we can control the pressure of the jet wash, stopping as much as possible further mess. Any mess that we do cause will be cleaned off thoroughly.


  • You are left with an outdoor area that’s great for entertaining, a beautifully clean patio area that is slip free too, will be great for inviting friends and family over.


Power Clean UK

We are an established, local, professional company with years of experience in power cleaning patios and driveways, we cover all across Yorkshire and beyond.

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