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Trials have started for cleaning robots – Leeds

Across Leeds cleaning robots have begun a trial, a research team including the alumni at the University of Leeds have created intelligent robots to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The robots are using artificial intelligence to identify objects that need regular cleaning, spraying it with diluted alcohol if the area is deemed necessary.

You may see the robots doing their duties in and around Leeds city centre and possibly in the departure lounges at Leeds Bradford Airport.

During the field tests, which have been stated as going well were able to identify objects they needed to clean, and where then able to manoeuvre around public places. Robotic arms effectively delivered the disinfectant onto the target surfaces.

The plan now is to make autonomous this allowing the robots to successfully map an area, identify what needed to be cleaned and finally get the job done successfully.

Two robots have been developed one that operates on wheels and can cover larger areas, the other has legs that can cover more confined areas.

Having been developed jointly by the Universities of Leeds, Birmingham and the University College of London we should see them more in operation over the upcoming months.

Power Clean UK

Here at Power Clean UK we think these robots will be great in tackling public places with higher risk levels of Covid19 transmission and are excited to see the development of the robots in and around Leeds.

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