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Top Tips to Cleaning Your Tarmac Driveway

Here at PowerCleanUK we offer the full service and can clean and bring back to life all driveway surfaces, but if you are looking at general maintenance and up-keeping your tarmac driveway before the colder winter months come closer here is our guide.

Winter is firmly on its way, meaning colder, wetter days which brings its own problems in freezing temperatures, more than just stains from oils and a like that can occur all year round. Don’t neglect your driveway now that it’s colder and not as pleasant to be out in the garden.

Our Top Tips

Follow our easy step guide to the general maintenance of your tarmac driveway:

  1. Sweeping the surface – The first thing to do is find a stiff brush and clean the surface of all debris and unwanted growth, make sure to get in and clear all the little nooks and cracks.
  2. Scrub the tarmac surface – With a standard household detergent liquid, and the stiff brush scrub the surface, more so in the stained, problem areas. Some handy products that you could use on stubborn stains include bleach, baking soda and coca cola as strange as that sounds. Leave these products to sink in for a period of time before washing away.
  3. Wash Clear – The final part of the up-keep of your tarmac driveway is to wash away all the cleaning materials and the dirt and grime that may have been released when cleaning, this should bring your tarmac driveway back to life and just in time for winter.

Annual Power Clean - PowerCleanUK

Remember we always recommend an annual power clean with a professional company that will use industry tools to make sure all dirt and contaminated growth is removed fully.

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