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Scarborough Council and its fight against seagull droppings

Scarborough Borough Council has had to take immediate steps to deal with what they describe as “never ending” problems with seagull droppings in the town centre. This comes after residents from all across Scarborough and neighbouring towns have expressed their frustrations and disgust at the level of mess, with one local resident saying the town is “caked in bird sh*t”

A local cleaning contractor had been appointed to clean the worst hit areas and after a year cleaning they went on record as saying the problem was getting “worse and worse”. The current cleaning company the council have awarded the contract to have had comments such as “they can’t even get the bottom layer off”

Councillor Tony Randerson

The council had a meeting this week and Councillor Tony Randerson went on record as saying “immediate steps in an attempt to ensure our streets throughout the borough are kept as rubbish and bird droppings free as possible” Going on to say key figures in the council had to tackle the “never ending problem”

More needs to be done to discourage gulls from nesting in roofs by the way of netting, stating the owners of the buildings of nesting gulls also had a responsibility and a part to play.

Budgets had been cut by Scarborough Council in clearance of litter, fly tipping, litter bins etc from £1.56m in 2010 to now 10 years later just £948k.

Cllr Randerson went on to say “The very least this authority can do is to ensure that first impression is a good and lasting one and not the unwanted alternative”


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