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Rust Spots – Why do they appear on some resin driveways?

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a steadily increasing amount of customers contact us in regards to rust spots appearing on their resin driveway.

It clearly has many people worried and therefore many resin driveway owners are actively looking at why it’s appeared, how they can stop it from appearing again and of course what’s the best was of removing the rust spots from their resin driveway without potentially causing any further damage.

Rust spots can appear for a couple of reasons:

  • The most common reason why you’d start to see rust spots is when metal objects are left on the driveway surface and they have come into contact with water such as rain. This could be a child leaving a bike, tools or even metal buckets or containers often used for bedding plants.
  • Another reason is because resin driveways use natural aggregates and sometimes depending on the colour you choose Iron Ore is present, as time goes by these iron ore aggregates come into contact with water and you are left on occasion with rust spots.


The process is called oxidation (rust), it’s hard to avoid with particular resin finishes so you’ll find you not the only one with this occurrence.

But fortunately these unexpected rust spots can be cleaned and brought back to life with our specialist power cleaning equipment.

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Don’t worry if your resin driveway has started to show some rust spotting, we can help!

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