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Power Clean UK – Commercial Property Cleaning

At Power Clean UK we cover residential driveways all across Yorkshire and have done for several years, but what you may not be aware of is that we also cover commercial and industrial properties too.

Some of the work we have carried out includes driveways, car parks, playgrounds and high footfall walkways.

Power Clean UK – Our Work

Some of the commercial work we have carried out has been for the local authorities cleaning the walkway precinct of shopping centres, this included removing years of dirt, stains and dried chewing gum.

We also recently cleaned a private school playground before children return from their school holidays so that everything was clean and ready to use and be enjoyed.

Many shops contact us to improve first impressions from the exterior view of their head office of show room, as this is the first view a customer sees of the business. This can include walkways, car parks, driveways and garden areas.

If you are looking for something more regular than a one off clean or have several areas to clean then why not contact us for a cost.

Our Equipment

We are a professional company that covers the Yorkshire area, our top of the range pressure washing equipment operates a 250 bar and has 900 litres an hour flow rate, and you will find this is vastly superior to any domestic pressure washing equipment and one of the leading pressure washers in the industry.

What makes our equipment stand out from the rest is we control the force and air flow allowing us to clean the surface area without compromising the integrity of the surface.

If your commercial or industrial property has block paved areas, our specialist machines are designed to remove the top 10mm of sand from the joints, you will find that this is normally the contaminated areas allowing for growth such as weeds and lichen to appear. Once cleaned we will then top the sand up with kiln dried sand which will help prevent vegetation from re-appearing for the maximum time possible, we’ll then seal the block paved area.

Power Clean UK – Service

What really sets us apart from our competitors is the level of service we provide, we are a small firm that takes pride in the work we do and always put our customers first.

If you would like to find out more or would like an estimate then fill out a quote form, you can even contact us directly on 0113 253 1944.