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Leeds – Driveway Cleaning

Power Clean UK recently cleaned and brought back to life a Leeds, LS17 postcode driveway, the customer had neglected the driveway for a couple of years and had become overgrown with unwanted contamination such as algae, grass, weeds and a little lichen around the property.

The customer had tried to do some of the work themselves but the pressure washer failed to remove most of the dirt and some oil stains were still present. It was also apparent the customer didn’t think of re-sanding the block paving and using a sealant on the driveway.

Power Clean UK - Driveway Cleaning Company

The equipment we used was a rotary cleaning head along with the jet wash lance itself, our jet wash is one of the best in the industry capable of much more powerful pressure than a home power wash machine. This allows us to clean the driveway more affect and quicker.

Our rotary head cleaner made rapid progress across the driveway surface, it broke up the unwanted growth no problem. We had to take care not to wash the lichen and moss into the nearby drainage points and gullies so that they didn’t become blocked.

Power Clean came across some stubborn stains that wouldn’t be removed by the rotary cleaner so we decided to move on to the lance, this means we can use a force of water on a concentrated area, making sure to spend extra care not to cause any damage.

The lance can be also used to clean against edges and against the property walls where the rotary cleaner can’t reach.

Once the driveway was clean, we made sure to wash the surrounding areas down which had some mud and unwanted debris splashed against it. The last task was to make sure all drainage areas were unblocked and had a good hose with the lance until clean.

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