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Keep Your Driveway Safe In Winter With A Power Clean

At Power Clean, our specialist teams provide a comprehensive cleaning service, to ensure your driveway or patio looks good as new.

To reduce the risk factors on the outside of your property, the team will remove any residue which may cause the surface to become slippery in winter conditions. The build-up of water, dust and grime can represent a real slip hazard, so it is important to keep this under control, particularly in the winter.  

We will also ensure any weeds and overgrown moss are removed, which may have grown through the surface over the winter months, and can also pose a slip-risk to your driveway or patio - removing weeds and moss is an essential step for anyone undertaking winter driveway maintenance. 

The Power Clean team are able to repair minor cracks to the surface of your driveway or patio, which may also pose a risk of tripping - our service will ensure your driveway looks good, and is as safe as can be for the winter months.

About Power Clean

Power Clean UK provides professional jet washing services for domestic and commercial customers across Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford, Huddrsfield, Halifax and Barnsley, amongst others.

For more information about our specialist driveway cleaning services, or for your free no-obligation quotation contact a member of our team today on 0113 253 1944 or by email on to make an enquiry or request a callback.