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5 Things to consider if you are considering power washing your own driveway

Here at PowerClean we are your local driveway power cleaning professional’s, we cover across the Yorkshire region for both residential and commercial properties with years of experience.

Power cleaning your driveway when done correctly with the right equipment can be a fast an easy way to clean your driveway, footpaths and patio areas. It will remove not only dirt but un-wanted substances such as grime, mould and contaminated growth such as grass, lichen, moss and weeds.

However if you decide to do it yourself and use a company that doesn’t have the experience or the correct equipment things can go wrong. Below we look at what exactly you need to consider.

  • Firstly power washing and pressure washing isn’t the same service, power washing is heating up the water before the pressure hits the surface, this can cause damage to masonry, wood and soft stones. It has been known to also remove paint, make sure you choose the right option for you and your requirements.
  • Secondly make sure if you are in fact doing it yourself take the required precautions, make sure you have heavy duty gloves, headphones, boots and googles. The power of the stream can send debris all over this includes dirt, rocks and other small objects.
  • As objects can be fired around thirdly make sure all items that can be damaged are moved away from the driveway or patio area, this includes plants. If they can’t be moved then it’s probably wise to cover up the plants with tar poling.
  • It’s probably a good idea if you are doing the job yourself to avoid the winter months, if you are not 100% certain of the job in hand, water left on the surface can get into cracks and holes and when it freezes it will expand and damage the surface even more.
  • Lastly don’t use soap and water, choose the right cleaning solution for your needs, this will allow you to achieve what you have set out to do and therefore clean the area to the highest standards, without causing any damage that wrong solution would do.


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