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Leeds | Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Here are Power Clean UK we operate across Leeds, West Yorkshire and its surrounding areas including Morley, Garforth, Roundhay and Horsforth to name a few.

We understand that you driveway and block paving is an investment and is often seen as an extension of the property, so it should be maintained and looking pristine regardless of if the driveway is residential or commercial.

To keep it looking beautiful why not get an estimate for a full power clean by the professionals?

Due the Yorkshire weather driveways and patio areas can become untidy and quite quickly become overrun with things such as weeds, grass, algae, lichen and moss. When a driveway appears like this it becomes a bit of an eyesore causing some safety issues.

We all lead busy lives and attending to the driveway can become a bit of challenge – Here at Power Clean UK we offer a professional, first class service to restore your driveway or paving quickly and efficiently.

Power Clean UK have become a leader in the industry with the service they provide, specialising in cleaning, restoring and enhancing any Leeds driveway or patio area.

What we provide

  • Weed killing and minor repairs
  • Deep clean with our special flat rotary system
  • Spot clean for stubborn stains
  • Re-sanding

Some features with block paving and driveways present no problems to our equipment and can easily be restored – solving all your driveway cleaning problems and requirements.

Pressure Washing Equipment

Power Clean UK use the very best equipment, our pressure washer operate at 250 bar and has 900 litres an hour flow rate, you will find this more superior than other Leeds power cleaning companies.

Unlike domestic pressure washers, we control the force of the flow, this allows us to not only clean your driveway area but do so safely.

Our pressure washing system is designed on block paving to remove the top 10mm of sand from the joints, this you will find is normally the dirty contaminated sand, where vegetation can grow. Once the joints are cleaned we will top back up the joints with kiln dried sand, providing a sterile surface and resist further growth for some time afterwards.

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Why not get a free quote and site survey? Remember we cover both residential and commercial Leeds driveways, patio and block paved areas.

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Visit our before and after gallery to see our amazing power clean transformations.


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