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Barnsley | Driveway & Patio Cleaning

We have over 25 years’ experience in groundworks, which has led Power Clean UK in its power cleaning services. Power Clean UK have power cleaned driveways and other patio areas in and around Barnsley for both domestic and commercial properties. Ares such as Silkstone, Dodworth, Wombwell and Cudworth.

Leading into a property the first thing a person notices is the driveway so it’s vitally important that this is kept clean and well maintained.

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The UK weather is famous for its mild summers and cold winters which is ideal for problems such as grass, weeds, lichen and moss. They quickly take over the driveway or block paving and become a real problem.

It’s easy to push the driveway maintenance to the back of the list of jobs to do, we all know how easy it is for family and work jobs to jump the que, but don’t worry Power Clean UK are on hand to help, our professional, experienced team will clean and restore your driveway.

What Power Clean UK Provide

  • Re-sanding of joints on block paving
  • Minor repairs and weeding
  • Spot cleaning of stubborn grease stains
  • A deep clean with industry leading equipment

Our Equipment – Power Clean UK We use the very best in power cleaning equipment that will beat all the local Barnsley power cleaning services, we operate a 250 bar 900 litres an hour flow rate power wash, our equipment can be controlled making it a safe environment to operate in.

Our service removes the top 10mm of sand which will hold the contaminated weeds, grass, lichen and moss, then once that has successfully been removed and is clean we will re-sand the joints with pristine, sterile, kiln dried sand that will hold growth for a sometime to come.

Onsite Survey

For a free onsite survey, give us a call or fill out our online form – remember we cover both domestic, industrial and commercial locations.

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